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Saylua Mean Time or SMT is the time system used on Saylua. Because Saylua does not have day and night cycles based on time, all of the planet of Saylua is under one timezone. Despite the lack of day and night cycles, however, Saylua follows a 24-hour convention for its days based on a time when the planet used to have 24-hour day cycles. The time in Saylua is directly mapped to time in the real world, and the SMT timezone is equivalent to UTC time with an offset of -5 hours.

Months and days on Saylua are mapped to the equivalent dates on Earth because of human tradition and the fact that Saylua does not have a natural day-night cycle to base the passage of time on. The planet of Saylua also has an orbital year which is only 6 days long, which has caused some controversies as some Sayluans argue that human society should realign the 7-day week to map to a planetary year. However, a long human legacy of using 7-day weeks and the high cost of instituting a new time standard have maintained the status quo on this issue.