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The Vela is a land species found on Saydia. The original concept for the Vela was created by the artist Fyne, and the final base image for the pet was created by Chutkat.

Velas serve an important role in Saydian culture, as their presence often heralds rain to come, a rare treasure in the arid deserts. Many are kept for their soft wool, which protects them from the harsh rays of the sun. They are fiercely protective of their companions, further cementing their image as a guardian species for Saydians. Humans wishing to keep Velas as companions must be careful to teach them not to drive away strangers too zealously, as they will interpret newcomers with great suspicion otherwise. Once properly socialized however, they make excellent guards and are natural companions for long journeys.

Concept Art

The Vela was based on a sketch of a sheep with clouds for its wool created by Fyne in one of her sketchbooks. The concept was then revised and finalized by Chutkat.