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Rufus Scippio is a Saydian NPC who works as a junk dealer. Rufus is known for his policy of buying absolutely anything people bring him to sell, although for a low price. He always maintains a large supply of everything, which he uses to create various contraptions of his own design. Rufus runs a surplus store where he sells items that he thinks people might find useful in everyday life. Of course, Rufus' wares extend far beyond the general goods he sells in his store, and on occasion, he might sell more unusual goods to those who come with specific desires.


Rufus comes from a poor family where he grew up with his single mother, Cara Scippio, and his three younger siblings: Sergio, Chloe, and Gavin. As the oldest child, Rufus naturally fell into leadership roles, often taking on side jobs to help support his family. Rufus' mom wanted Rufus to still have a happy childhood, free from the burdens of adulthood, but she struggled to support the family on her own. Regardless, Rufus was often ambitious, wanting very much to create a better life for himself and his family. He worked hard, studied well in school, and tried his best to learn his way around the world.

Rufus' responsibility levels rose ever more when his mom started to become sick and could no longer work. During this period, Rufus quit school to start a business where he made money reselling goods that he found from the junkyard near his house. Rufus would meticulously search for interesting items among the junk, often meticulously restoring promising trinkets or gadgets he found. Often, he even tried making some of his own contraptions from the items in the junkyard.

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