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Players on Saylua can bond with a wide variety of different sprites. Sprites are the native creatures of Saylua. They are similar in many ways but also different from the animals that humans interacted with on Earth. For over a millennium, humans on Saylua have bonded with wild sprites in a mutually beneficial relationship. Humans provide care, shelter, and inspiration for their companion sprites, and in exchange, sprites guide humans across the planet of Saylua, defending humans when necessary. Sprites are intelligent and self-reliant. Even when they are living under the care of a human, they tend to hunt and forage for food on their own. Human caretakers need not worry that their sprites will go hungry or run away if they leave for a while. That said, sprites enjoy the companionship of humans and appreciate when humans provide them with attention, treats, and toys.

Sprites cannot speak human language. However, sprites are sharp and tend to easily understand verbal commands given to them by humans. Humans tend to quickly pick up on the verbal and nonverbal signals their sprites communicate as well. In old Sayluan history, there are some tales of humans who have been able to telepathically communicate with sprites, but it is unclear if these tales are mythological or fictional.

Common Sprites

Common sprites are frequently found across the whole planet on both Saydia and Luaria. Common sprites on Saylua include:

Light Side Sprites

Light side sprites are found primarily on Saydia. Light side sprites include:

Dark Side Sprites

Dark side sprites are found primarily on Luaria. Dark side sprites include:

Border Sprites

Border sprites are the rarest of all sprites, found in the Dawnlands. They include: